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Japanese WordNet (1.1) *current* [2010-10-22]

57,238 concepts (synsets); 93,834 words; 158,058 senses (synset-word pairs)

135,692 definitions; 48,276 examples

Disclaimer: We estimate that this release contains errors in as many as 5% of entries. We decided to spend more effort in increasing the cover than in checking. As we translate the glosses and sense tag text, we expect to fix many of the errors. The definitions and examples are translated from English and may not match the synsets exactly.

We welcome feedback.

Note on Licence Compliance

If you use the Japanese wordnet data in some way online or in an application, please provide a link to the Japanese WordNet site in one of the following forms (or the equivalent in a langauge of your choice):

Japanese Wordnet (vXX) © NICT, 2009-2010
Japanese Wordnet (vXX), copyright NICT, 2009-2010
linked to http://nlpwww.nict.go.jp/wn-ja/index.en.html
日本語ワードネット(XX版)© 情報通信研究機構, 2009-2010 
linked to http://nlpwww.nict.go.jp/wn-ja/

If you are redistributing the data, then you must distribute the license with it.

Open Clipart Library

Japanese Semantic Corpus (Jsemcor)

This is a partially sense tagged corpus of Japanese. It was created by translating the SemCor corpus, and transferring the tags from English to Japanese (Bond et al. 2012). It is released under the same license as the Japanese Wordnet.



Older Versions

Japanese WordNet (1.0)

56,741 concepts (synsets); 92,241 words; 157,398 senses (synset-word pairs)

135,692 definitions; 48,276 examples ()

Japanese WordNet (0.92)

49,655 concepts (synsets); 87,133 words; 146,811 senses (synset-word pairs).

Japanese WordNet (0.91)

50,739 concepts (synsets); 88,146 words; 151,831 senses (synset-word pairs).

Japanese WordNet 0.90 (first release)

49,190 concepts (synsets); 85,966 words; 156,684 senses (synset-word pairs).

Francis Bond <bond@ieee.org>

Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Nanyang Technological University
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology