00099341-r 'used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs';
Bulgarian повече , по
Catalan més
Chinese (simplified)
Danish mere
German mehr
Greek πιο
English more374 () , to a greater extent1
Farsi تر
Finnish enemmän
French plus
Irish níos mó
Galician máis
Hebrew GAP!
Hindi और , ज़्यादा
Armenian ավելի
Interlingua plus
Indonesian lebih
Italian più
Japanese より , いやが上にも , 層一層 , もっと , 一段と , 一層 , 一倍 , ぐっと
Latin or , plus , us , ior , ius
Lithuanian labiau
Nynorsk meir
Bokmål mer
Chinese (traditional) , ,
Romanian mai
Russian более
Slovak viacej , väčšmi
Spanish más
Swedish mer
Thai กว่า
Urdu اور , زیادہ
Vietnamese hơn
Malaysian lebih
いくつかの形容詞と副詞の比較級を形成するために、使用される ― より一層おもしろい; もっと美しい; もっと速く
(Servește la formarea gradului comparativ)
used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs ― more interesting; more beautiful; more quickly
Antonym: less
Semantic Field: allr
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