14304060-n 'a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease';
Bulgarian синдром
Catalan síndrome
Chinese (simplified) 综合症 , 综合征 , 症候群 , 并发症状
Danish syndrom
English syndrome
Basque sindrome
Farsi همرفت
Finnish syndrooma , oireyhtymä
French syndrome
Croatian sindrom
Indonesian sindrom , gejala
Icelandic heilkenni
Italian sindrome
Japanese シンドローム , 症候群
Dutch syndroom , ziektebeeld
Nynorsk syndrom
Bokmål syndrom
Polish zespół chorobowy , zespół
Portuguese síndrome , síndroma
Romanian sindrom
Slovak príznak , syndróm
Slovene sindrom
Spanish síndrome
Swedish syndrom
Thai ซินโดรม , กลุ่มอาการ
Malaysian sindrom , gejala
suatu pola gejala yang mengindikasikan beberapa penyakit
il complesso dei sintomi che caratterizzano una determinata malattia
Totalitatea semnelor și a simptomelor care apar împreună în cursul unei boli, dându-i nota caracteristică.
a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease
Hyponym: attention_deficit_disorder autism cervical_disc_syndrome chinese_restaurant_syndrome conn's_syndrome fetal_alcohol_syndrome gulf_war_syndrome horner's_syndrome klinefelter's_syndrome malabsorption_syndrome munchausen's_syndrome nephrotic_syndrome noonan's_syndrome phantom_limb_syndrome premenstrual_syndrome radiation_sickness ramsay_hunt_syndrome reiter's_syndrome restless_legs_syndrome reye's_syndrome scalenus_syndrome tetany tetralogy_of_fallot thoracic_outlet_syndrome tietze's_syndrome tourette's_syndrome toxic_shock waterhouse-friderichsen_syndrome williams_syndrome zollinger-ellison_syndrome
Hypernym: symptom
Holonym–Part: disease
Semantic Field: staten
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