12587803-n 'tall palm tree bearing coconuts as fruits';
Catalan cocoter
Chinese (simplified) 椰子
Greek κοκοφοίνικας
English coco palm1 , coconut , coconut palm , coco , cocoa palm , coconut tree , Cocos nucifera
Basque kokondo
Farsi نارگیل
Finnish Cocos nucifera , kookos , kookospalmu , kookospähkinä
French noix de coco , coco , cocotier , cocos nucifera
Galician coco
Indonesian kelapa , nyiur
Italian palma di cocco , cocco , palma-da-cocco
Japanese 椰子 , ココヤシ , ココ椰子
Lithuanian riešutinis kokosas
Dutch klapperboom , kokosboom , klapper , kokospalm , kokosnoot
Polish palma kokosowa , kokos właściwy
Portuguese coco , palmeira , coqueiro
Romanian cocotier
Slovak kokosová palma
Slovene kokosova palma , kokos
Spanish cocos nucifera
Thai ต้นมะพร้าว
Malaysian kelapa , nyiur
pianta tropicale delle Spadicifore
背の高いヤシの木で、フルーツとしてのココナツの実をつける; 熱帯地方のいたるところで、広く植えられている
arbore tropical din familia palmierilor, cultivat mai ales pentru fructele sale comestibile (Cocos nucifera)
ψηλός φοίνικας που παράγει τις ινδικές καρύδες και ευδοκιμεί στην τροπική ζώνη
tall palm tree bearing coconuts as fruits; widely planted throughout the tropics
Hypernym: palm
Meronym–Part: coconut
Holonym–Member: cocos
Semantic Field: plantn
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