12510774-n 'tropical woody herb with showy yellow flowers and flat pods';
Chinese (simplified) 树黄豆 , 木豆 , 树豆 , 豆蓉 , 柳豆 , 鸽豆
English cajan pea , pigeon pea , dahl , pigeon-pea plant , catjang pea , red gram , dhal , Cajanus cajan
Finnish kyyhkyherne , Cajanus cajan
French cajanus cajan
Indonesian gude , kacang dal
Japanese キマメ
Slovene cajanus cajan
Thai ถั่วแระ , ต้นถั่วแระ
Malaysian kacang dal
目立つ黄色の花と平らなさやのある熱帯の木質のハーブ; たいてい熱帯地方で栽培されている
tropical woody herb with showy yellow flowers and flat pods; much cultivated in the tropics
Hypernym: shrub
Meronym–Part: cajan_pea
Holonym–Member: cajanus
Semantic Field: plantn
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