12507823-n 'South African shrub having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers';
Chinese (simplified) 红灌木
English rooibos , Aspalathus linearis , Aspalathus cedcarbergensis
Finnish Aspalathus cedcarbergensis , Aspalathus linearis , rooibos
French aspalathus linearis , rooibos
Japanese ルイボス
Polish rooibos , aspalat prosty , czerwonokrzew
Portuguese rooibos , Rooibos
Romanian rooibos , Aspalathuslinearis
Slovene aspalathus linearis , rooibos
Spanish aspalathus linearis
Thai ต้นโรอิบอส
平坦で鋭尖形の葉と黄色い花を持つ南アフリカの低木; 葉は乾燥させると香りがよく、ハーブティーを作るのに使われる
arbust din Africa de Sud ale cărui frunze devin aromate prin uscare fiind folosite la prepararea ceaiurilor
South African shrub having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers; leaves are aromatic when dried and used to make an herbal tea
Hypernym: shrub
Holonym–Member: aspalathus
Semantic Field: plantn
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