12021499-n 'tansy-scented Eurasian perennial herb with buttonlike yellow flowers';
English costmary , alecost , bible leaf , mint geranium , balsam herb , Tanacetum balsamita , Chrysanthemum balsamita
Finnish palsamilehti , Chrysanthemum balsamita , palsamipäivänkakkara , Tanacetum balsamita , palsamipietaryrtti
French grande balsamite , menthe-coq , tanacetum balsamita
Romanian Chrysanthemumbalsamita , busuiocul-sfintelor , calapăr , calomfir , Tanacetumbalsamita
Slovene tanacetum balsamita
ボタンのような黄色の花を持つ、ヨモギギクの香りがするユーラシアの多年生草本; 香味野菜またはサラダ用野菜として、そして時にポプリ、茶または調味料として使われる; 時にキク属に分類される
Plantă erbacee perenă, aromatică, cu tulpina catifelată, frunzele ovale compuse și florile galbene
tansy-scented Eurasian perennial herb with buttonlike yellow flowers; used as potherb or salad green and sometimes for potpourri or tea or flavoring; sometimes placed in genus Chrysanthemum
Hypernym: herb
Meronym–Part: costmary
Holonym–Member: tanacetum
Semantic Field: plantn
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