11253802-n 'leader in the women's suffrage movement in Montana';
Catalan Jeannette Rankin
English Rankin , Jeannette Rankin
Finnish Jeannette Rankin , Rankin
French Rankin
Galician Jeannette Rankin
Indonesian Rankin , Jeannette Rankin
Japanese ランキン
Dutch Rankin
Slovene Jeannette Rankin
Spanish Jeannette Rankin
Thai เจนเนตต์ แรงคิน , แรงคิน
Malaysian Jeannette Rankin , Rankin
Rankinova je bila prva ženska, ki je bila izvoljena v Kongres ZDA in prva ženska, izvoljena v Senat ZDA
モンタナの女性参政権運動のリーダー; 米国の下院で働いた最初の女性(1880年−1973年)
leader in the women's suffrage movement in Montana; the first woman to serve in the United States House of Representatives (1880-1973)
Type: politician suffragist
Semantic Field: personn
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