10405694-n 'a person who requires medical care';
Arabic مرِيض
Bulgarian пациент
Catalan pacient
Chinese (simplified) 病人 , 患者 , 病患
Danish patient
Greek περίπτωση
English patient73
Basque paziente
Finnish potilas
French client , patient
Hebrew פַּצְיֶנְט
Croatian pacijent
Icelandic veiklingur , sjúklingur
Italian cliente , malato , degente , paziente , ammalato , assistito
Japanese クランケ , 患者
Lithuanian pacientas
Nynorsk pasient
Bokmål pasient
Polish pacjent
Portuguese paciente , Paciente
Romanian pacient , caz
Slovak pacient , pacientka
Slovene pacient , bolnik
Spanish paciente
Swedish patient
Thai ผู้ป่วย , คนป่วย
Malaysian pesakit
chi è affetto da una malattia ed è in cura
治療を必要とする人 ― 急患の数は急激に増えている
Persoană bolnavă care se găsește în tratamentul unui medic, considerat în raport cu acesta.
ο ασθενής ή ο πελάτης
a person who requires medical care ― the number of emergency patients has grown rapidly
Hyponym: alexic analysand arthritic hypertensive hypochondriac hypotensive index_case inpatient outpatient vaccinee
Hypernym: case sick_person
Holonym–Member: doctor-patient_relation nurse-patient_relation
Semantic Field: personn
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