09762821-n 'a person with a record of successes';
Catalan èxit , guanyador
Chinese (simplified) 有成就的人 , 成功人士
English success3 , achiever ( ) , winner ( ) , succeeder ()
Basque garaile
Farsi برنده بازی , پیروزی
Finnish menestyjä
French réussite , succès , gagnant
Indonesian kejayaan
Japanese ウイナー , 成功者 , 勝者 , 勝利者 , 覇者
Dutch uitvoerder , welgang
Portuguese ganhador , vencedor
Romanian câștigător , învingător
Slovene uspešnež
Spanish éxito
Thai ผู้ประสบความสำเร็จ
Malaysian kejayaan
成功の証をもつ人 ― 彼の息子は父親のように成功者には絶対にならないだろう; 勝者だけが適用しなければならない; 成功者になりたければ、成功者のような身なりをしなければならない
(Persoană) care a obținut un câștig material, o superioritate asupra alteia într-o întrecere (în muncă, în sport etc.)
a person with a record of successes ― his son would never be the achiever that his father was; only winners need apply; if you want to be a success you have to dress like a success
Hyponym: first_lady great highflier natural sleeper
Hypernym: person
Antonym: failure
Semantic Field: personn
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