09618957-n 'a part of a person that is used to refer to a person';
Albanian faqe
Arabic وَجْه
Catalan cara
Greek πρόσωπο
English face2
Basque aurpegi
Finnish kasvo
French visage
Croatian lice , faca
Indonesian wajah
Italian faccia
Japanese フェイス , , , , フェース , 人面
Polish twarz
Romanian chip , figură , față
Slovene obraz
Spanish cara
Thai หน้า
Malaysian wajah
(συνεκδοχή) ο άνθρωπος, το κάθε άτομο ως ξεχωριστή οντότητα
Parte anterioară a capului unei persoane, folosită pentru a face referire la acea persoană.
人を照会するのに使用する、人の一部分 ― 彼は、部屋一杯の人のを見た; 仕事に復帰すると、彼は新しいにたくさん出会った
a part of a person that is used to refer to a person ― he looked out at a roomful of faces; when he returned to work he met many new faces
persona ― mi ha fatto piacere vedere tante facce conosciute
një pjese e një njëri qe perdoret per t'iu referuar dikujt ― ai kërkoi jashtë faqes se dhomës
Hypernym: person
Domain–Usage: synecdoche
Semantic Field: personn
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SUMO: ⊂ Human

TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.006; Future: 0.000)

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