09395899-n 'a small planet and the farthest known planet from the sun';
Catalan plutó
English Pluto
Basque Pluton
Finnish Pluto
French Juliette Adam , Pluton
Croatian Pluton
Indonesian pluto , Pluto
Italian Plutone , plutone
Japanese 冥王星
Dutch Pluto
Polish Pluton
Portuguese Plutao , Plutão
Romanian Pluto
Slovene Pluton
Thai ดาวพลูโต
Malaysian Pluto
corpo geologico intrusivo
小さな惑星と太陽から最も遠い既知の惑星; すべての惑星の中で最も長円の軌道をもつ ― 冥王星は1930年にクライド・トンボーによって発見された
a doua planetă ca micime și cea mai depărtată de soare, care are cea mai eliptică orbită dintre toate planetele
a small planet and the farthest known planet from the sun; it has the most elliptical orbit of all the planets ― Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930
Type: outer_planet superior_planet
Holonym–Member: solar_system
Semantic Field: objectn
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