09368699-n 'a giant planet with a ring of ice particles';
Catalan neptú
English Neptune
Finnish Neptunus
French Nonane , Neptune
Croatian Neptun
Indonesian neptunus , Neptunus
Italian Nettuno
Japanese 海王星
Dutch Neptunus
Polish Neptun
Portuguese Neptuno , Netuno
Romanian Neptun
Slovene Neptun
Thai ดาวเกตุ
Malaysian Neptun
pianeta solare
氷の粒子でできた環をもつ巨大な惑星; 太陽からの第8の惑星、太陽から最も遠い所にあるガス惑星 ― 海王星の存在は天王星の軌道の摂動から予測され、次に、それは1846年に特定された
Planetă gigantică, înconjurată de un cerc de particule de gheață; a 8-a planetă, ca depărtare, față de Soare
a giant planet with a ring of ice particles; the 8th planet from the sun is the most remote of the gas giants ― the existence of Neptune was predicted from perturbations in the orbit of Uranus and it was then identified in 1846
Type: jovian_planet outer_planet superior_planet
Holonym–Member: solar_system
Semantic Field: objectn
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