08860123-n 'a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles';
Arabic برِيطانْيا العُظْمى , الممْلكة المُتّحِدة , برِيطانْيا
Catalan Regne Unit , Gran Bretanya
Greek Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο
English United Kingdom2 , Britain2 () , Great Britain1 , UK , U.K. , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Basque Britainia Handia , Erresuma Batua
Finnish Ison-Britannian ja Pohjois-Irlannin yhdistynyt kuningaskunta , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , UK , Britannia , Iso-Britannia , U.K.
French Royaume-Uni , Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande du Nord , Grande-Bretagne , Britain , Londres , orthocentre
Galician Gran Bretaña , Reino Unido
Indonesian Great Britain , U.K. , Britania Raya , Britain , Inggris Raya , United Kingdom , inggris
Italian Inghilterra , Regno Unito , GB , Gran Bretagna
Japanese イギリス , グレートブリテンおよび北アイルランド連合王国 , 英国 , 連合王国
Dutch V.K. , Groot-Brittannië , Britannië , Verenigd Koninkrijk van Groot-Brittannië en Noord-Ierland , Verenigd Koninkrijk
Polish Korona Brytyjska , Wielka Brytania , Anglia , Zjednoczone Królestwo Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii Północnej
Portuguese RU , Grã-Bretanha , Reino-Unido , Grâ Bretanha , Reino unido , Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte , Reino Unido
Chinese (traditional) , 英國
Romanian MareaBritanie , RegatulUnitalMariiBritaniișialIrlandeideNord
Slovak Spojené kráľovstvo Veľkej Británie a Severného Írska , Veľká Británia , Spojené kráľovstvo
Slovene Združeno kraljestvo , Združeno kraljestvo Velike Britanije in Severne Irske
Spanish Reino Unido
Thai สหราชอาณาจักร , บริเทน
Malaysian Great Britain , U.K. , Britain , Inggris Raya , United Kingdom
μοναρχία στη ΒΔ. Ευρώπη που περιλαμβάνει τις περισσότερες από τις Βρετανικές Νήσους. Σ’ αυτήν ανήκουν η Αγγλία, η Σκωτία, η Ουαλία και η Βόρεια Ιρλανδία
monarhie din nord-vestul Europei, situată pe un grup de insule, despărțite de Europa prin Canalul Mânecii, care este împărțită în patru subdiviziuni : Anglia, Scoția, Țara Galilor și Irlanda de Nord
ヨーロッパ北西部の君主国で、イギリス諸島の大部分を領有する; イングランド、スコットランド、ウェールズ、北アイルランドに分割される
obsega dežele Anglijo, Škotsko, Wales in Severno Irsko; prve tri združujemo v Veliko Britanijo
a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland
Regno costituito da Inghilterra, Scozia, Galles e Irlanda del Nord ― rapporti diplomatici fra Regno Unito e Italia
Hyponym: blighty
Type: kingdom
Meronym–Part: england northern_ireland scotland wales
Holonym–Member: european_union north_atlantic_treaty_organization
Holonym–Part: british_isles
In Domain–Region: potted fly pawky dinky dishy non-u u starkers boss-eyed canty common_or_garden groovy gammy all-mains niffy swingeing shirty po-faced peckish dicky potty whacking long-dated short-dated takeout red-brick grotty post-free buckshee made-up chuffed jumped-up toffee-nosed major minor billion trillion tod bloody-minded bolshy capital spiffing top-flight ropey gobsmacked jiggered buttoned-up brummagem ratable unratable knackered whacked manky tinpot fuggy clapped_out judder scrimshank ballup clanger clawback lucky_dip flit rustication perambulation fare-stage pony-trekking rugby fives bagatelle tombola ludo shovel_board lucky_dip piss-up rag hornpipe panto doddle minister headship costing eleven-plus swiz mot fire_watching snogging zizz dekko square-bashing rub_up shufti lie-in point_duty supplementary_benefit car_boot_sale invigilation aggro punch-up go-slow battle_of_britain arterial_road backbench bar betting_shop bin_liner boot bottle_bank caff carriageway clearway climbing_frame common_room countinghouse croft crossbench delf dickey dixie doorknob elastoplast fairy_light fish_slice fleapit footplate free_house front_bench fruit_machine gamp glebe_house greengrocery greengrocery gun_room guy gymslip hair_slide hall_of_residence hard_shoulder highroad home-farm hosiery hypermarket ironmongery jobcentre lido life_office lodge l-plate lumber_room macintosh meat_safe mews milk_float minicab minicar minster mod_con nearside nick overall oxbridge panda_car pannikin pantechnicon parka paternoster pelican_crossing pillar_box playbox plimsoll plughole point public_house pull-in punnet push-bike quarterlight racing_circuit redbrick_university rowing_boat scullery secateurs sheepwalk shooting_brake skid_lid skidpan slip_coach slop_basin stall stately_home sten_gun strongroom surgery tannoy teashop terraced_house titfer toilet_bag tuck_box tuck_shop underfelt van verge villa visual_display_unit washbasin wherry wincey winceyette wooden_spoon workhouse cert beastliness cobblers conk countenance noddle nous facer snorter niff wheeze thatcherism fabianism gutter_press rediffusion magna_carta royal_charter higher_national_diploma class_list rota whip-round book_token indent colour_supplement bumf cobblers double_dutch gen highway_code bachelor_of_medicine honours first double_first storm_cone ticktack shoulder_flash trad skiffle argy-bargy green_paper plaint prang bunfight jolly whist_drive maundy burnup race_meeting zizz tuck plain_flour whole_wheat_flour fanny_adams high_tea tea nosh-up ploughman's_lunch hot_pot castor_sugar pudding tipsy_cake pease_pudding roly-poly suet_pudding spotted_dick tart eccles_cake christmas_cake simnel teacake cookie victoria_sandwich lemon_curd chipolata polony banger saveloy butty hasty_pudding victoria_plum whitefish rock_salmon cattle_cake salad_cream clotted_cream treacle bubble_and_squeak cottage_pie kedgeree bitter pale_ale plonk rhine_wine sundowner scrumpy cuppa gob al-muhajiroun national_trust special_branch inland_revenue ordnance_survey estate_of_the_realm first_estate second_estate third_estate admass limited_company slate_club skiffle_group gaudy beanfeast liberal_democrat_party direct-grant_school training_college open_university privy_council works_council parliament conservancy select_committee central_intelligence_machinery special_air_service secret_intelligence_service security_service admiralty county_council british_cabinet shadow_cabinet high_commission public_school terrace spinney rave-up local_authority heath subtopia county county_town housing_estate stockbroker_belt shire no-go_area pitch new_town outport weald great_britain home_counties dale mere anglo-saxon backbencher beadle berk boffin chancellor chief_constable clever_dick coiner colonel_blimp commissionaire constable convener crossbencher esquire fire_watcher frontbencher fruiterer greengrocer guvnor home_help hooray_henry inquiry_agent intern invigilator justiciar kerb_crawler lady land_agent linendraper lollipop_lady lord_chancellor mate mercer mod muffin_man nan nark newsreader office-bearer outfitter parliamentary_agent patrial peer peer_of_the_realm placeman pointsman pork_butcher potboy preceptor publican question_master ranker ranker ratepayer recorder redcap remover returning_officer rocker sandboy scrimshanker scrutineer settler sir sixth-former skivvy slopseller smallholder sod spiv sprog sprog squire stipendiary stockjobber stone_breaker sublieutenant suffragette supergrass supremo tallyman tearaway ted thatcherite tout townee valuer victualer wally wog wykehamist knock-on_effect medium_wave pot_plant ratables smallholding crown_land rent-rebate peppercorn_rent hire-purchase sick_benefit christmas_box council_tax rates poor_rates base_rate refresher water-rate assurance giro_account giro tenpence threepence sixpence maundy_money divvy carry-over premium_bond civil_list last quarter inch perch tod stone bugger_all milliard billion trillion quadrillion top-up poverty_trap crick dog's_breakfast appro hard_cheese fug ratability town_gas derv clunch surgical_spirit half-term vac november_5 guy_fawkes_day sell-by_date quarter_day guest_night rag rag_day boxing_day remembrance_day speech_day year_dot kip question_time
Semantic Field: locationn
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