08441203-n 'the collection of rules imposed by authority';
Albanian ligj , sistem ligjesh
Arabic سُلْطان القانُون , قانُون
Bulgarian закон
Catalan jurisprudència , llei
Chinese (simplified) 法律系统
Danish jura
Greek νομοθεσία , νόμος
English law50 , jurisprudence ( )
Basque lege , zuzenbide , jurisprudentzia
Farsi فقه , حقوق الهی
Finnish juridiikka , laki
French loi , droit , législation
Hebrew חֹק
Croatian pravo , zakon , jurisprudencija
Indonesian hukuman , undang-undang , peraturan , hukum , kanun
Icelandic lög
Italian legge , corpo legislativo , diritto , giurisprudenza , legislazione
Japanese 置き目 , 置目 , 科条 , 律令 , 法制 , 国法 , 法律 , , ロー , 法典 , 王法 , 法令 , 法条
Nynorsk jus
Bokmål jus
Polish prawodawstwo , ustawodawstwo , prawo , porządek prawny , prawnictwo
Portuguese lei , ciências jurídicas , jurisprudência
Chinese (traditional) 法律
Romanian lege , legislație , jurisprudență
Slovak právo , právne predpisy , právnictvo
Slovene pravo , jus
Spanish ley , jurisprudencia
Swedish juridik
Thai ประมวลกฎหมาย
Malaysian hukuman , undang-undang , peraturan , hukum , perundangan , kanun
το σύνολο των νόμων που ισχύουν σε ένα κράτος
Totalitatea legilor unei țări sau ale unui domeniu juridic
行政当局によって課された規則の集まり ― 文明は、法律の尊重を前提とする; 秩序を強化している一方で自由を許容する学にとって重大な問題
the collection of rules imposed by authority ― civilization presupposes respect for the law; the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order
insieme di leggi; insieme di norme ― secondo la legge italiana, la registrazione del marchio dura 10 anni; le nuove regole europee sul trattamento equo in materia di lavoro dovranno essere incluse nel corpo legislativo nazionale da tutti gli stati membri
koleksion rregullash te vendosur nga autoritetet ― civilizimi kërkon respekt nga ligji
Hyponym: administrative_law canon_law civil_law common_law international_law law_of_the_land martial_law mercantile_law military_law mosaic_law securities_law shariah statutory_law tax_law
Hypernym: collection
Meronym–Part: law
In Domain–Category: adjective substantive alienable undue alterable unalterable incompetent consensual revertible fungible ancestral intra_vires ultra_vires major minor covert moot testate intestate null evidentiary appellate residuary reversionary therefor scienter republish attorn prove recuse filiate charge plead plea-bargain re-examine challenge get_off pardon amnesty extenuate convict reconvict sentence capacitate recuse file docket docket verify testify testify plead demur counterclaim give stultify convey render prefer probate bail_out imprison bind_over aggrieve impoundment award appointment remission novation subrogation disbarment chance-medley derogation recission abatement_of_a_nuisance production law law_practice tort delinquency comparative_negligence concurrent_negligence contributory_negligence criminal_negligence neglect_of_duty barratry champerty maintenance false_pretense resisting_arrest sedition sexual_assault kidnapping actual_possession constructive_possession criminal_possession intervention objection recusation filibuster debarment recusation alienation legislation trust_busting enactment law_enforcement legal_duty false_imprisonment imprisonment commutation contempt contempt_of_congress contempt_of_court civil_contempt contumacy criminal_contempt obstruction_of_justice due_process legal_action lawsuit civil_suit class_action countersuit criminal_suit moot paternity_suit antitrust_case counterclaim custody_case lis_pendens proceeding adoption appeal reversal affirmation bankruptcy receivership litigation custody_battle vexatious_litigation presentment naturalization judgment confession_of_judgment default_judgment non_prosequitur final_judgment judgment_in_personam judgment_in_rem judgment_of_dismissal judgment_on_the_merits summary_judgment opinion bakke_decision finding verdict finding_of_law compromise_verdict directed_verdict false_verdict general_verdict quotient_verdict special_verdict acquittal murder_conviction rape_conviction robbery_conviction eviction ouster actual_eviction eviction retaliatory_eviction legalization legitimation trial scopes_trial review judicial_review plea double_jeopardy prosecution test_case defense entrapment mistrial retrial hearing administrative_hearing competence_hearing fair_hearing quo_warranto divorce legal_separation condemnation drug_war annulment dissolution_of_marriage amnesty spoliation waste parole probation reprieve bar bench court courthouse dock messuage color_of_law effect infection advowson human_right easement privilege entitlement civil_right civil_liberty habeas_corpus freedom_of_religion freedom_of_speech freedom_of_the_press freedom_of_assembly freedom_to_bear_arms freedom_from_search_and_seizure right_to_due_process freedom_from_self-incrimination freedom_from_double_jeopardy right_to_speedy_and_public_trial_by_jury right_to_an_attorney right_to_confront_accusors freedom_from_cruel_and_unusual_punishment freedom_from_involuntary_servitude equal_protection_of_the_laws right_to_vote freedom_from_discrimination equal_opportunity eminent_domain franchise patent_right right_of_election right_of_entry right_of_re-entry right_of_offset right_of_privacy use usufruct visitation_right legal_power venter presumption rationale mens_rea premeditation mitigating_circumstance probable_cause nuisance legal_system bail jury_system patent_system tax_system voting_system legal_principle jus_sanguinis jus_soli preemption relation_back assumed_name summation legal_document derivative_instrument negotiable_instrument docket passport ship's_papers manifest transcript joint_resolution debenture power_of_attorney letters_of_administration letters_testamentary act law anti-drug_law anti-racketeering_law antitrust_legislation statute_of_limitations fundamental_law united_states_constitution public_law legislation enabling_legislation occupational_safety_and_health_act advice_and_consent statute_book bill appropriation_bill bill_of_attainder bottle_bill farm_bill trade_bill blue_law blue_sky_law gag_law game_law homestead_law poor_law riot_act criminal_law court_order decree consent_decree curfew decree_nisi divestiture legal_separation prohibition stay stay_of_execution injunction mandatory_injunction permanent_injunction temporary_injunction brief amicus_curiae_brief will probate codicil living_will deed assignment bill_of_sale deed_poll enfeoffment mortgage_deed title_deed trust_deed conveyance quitclaim muniments warrant search_warrant bench_warrant death_warrant cachet reprieve commutation license patent opinion concurring_opinion dissenting_opinion majority_opinion pardon acquittance writ assize certiorari execution execution habeas_corpus venire_facias mandamus attachment fieri_facias scire_facias sequestration writ_of_detinue writ_of_election writ_of_error writ_of_prohibition writ_of_right mandate summons subpoena subpoena_duces_tecum gag_order garnishment interdict citation monition ticket bill_of_particulars pleading affirmative_pleading alternative_pleading answer evasive_answer plea counterplea dilatory_plea libel defective_pleading demurrer rebutter replication rejoinder special_pleading surrebutter surrejoinder plea_bargain legislative_act enabling_act ordinance special_act rule_of_evidence legal_code penal_code united_states_code building_code fire_code sanitary_code specification connivance libel bill_of_rights first_amendment fifth_amendment fourteenth_amendment eighteenth_amendment nineteenth_amendment cause_of_action submission evidence testimony corpus_delicti direct_evidence res_gestae circumstantial_evidence corroborating_evidence hearsay_evidence state's_evidence declaration attestation affidavit verification subornation alibi caveat jactitation obiter_dictum written_agreement question_of_law sidebar pretrial arbitration citation deposition cross-examination direct_examination redirect_examination disclaimer demur dissent discovery stipulation allegation subornation_of_perjury combination_in_restraint_of_trade law_firm conservative_judaism legal_profession department_of_justice bureau_of_justice_assistance federal_bureau_of_investigation circuit_court_of_appeals circuit military_court moot_court night_court provost_court police_court probate_court quarter_sessions superior_court supreme_court supreme_court traffic_court trial_court judicial_branch panel grand_jury hung_jury petit_jury special_jury administrative_law civil_law common_law international_law maritime_law law_of_the_land martial_law mercantile_law military_law statutory_law securities_law tax_law domicile defendant advocate amicus_curiae assignee assignor attorney_general barrister chief_justice contractor conveyancer client defense_attorney divorce_lawyer filer intervenor jane_doe john_doe judge_advocate_general jurist justice_of_the_peace lawgiver lawyer legal_representative legislator liquidator litigant next_friend notary ordinary owner paralegal party plaintiff prevailing_party promulgator prosecutor public_defender referee reversioner richard_roe solicitor transferee transferor trial_attorney trial_judge trier trustee uxor vouchee witness witness life_estate grant inheritance accretion bequest devise jointure heirloom interest vested_interest relief actual_damages nominal_damages punitive_damages legal_fee reversion escheat satisfaction recognizance record legal_relation fiduciary_relation bank-depositor_relation confidential_adviser-advisee_relation conservator-ward_relation director-stockholder_relation executor-heir_relation lawyer-client_relation partner_relation receiver-creditor_relation trustee-beneficiary_relation legal_status civil_death citizenship marital_status marriage bigamy civil_union common-law_marriage rule_of_law legal_representation diplomatic_immunity limitation
Semantic Field: groupn
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