07942152-n 'any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively';
Albanian njerëz
Arabic ناس
Bulgarian хора
Catalan gent , persones
Chinese (simplified) 人们 , 人类 , 人士
Danish folk
Greek άνθρωποι , κόσμος
English people257 ( )
Basque jende
Finnish ihmiset
French gens
Galician xente
Croatian people
Indonesian orang , manusia , umat , khalayak ramai , kalangan
Icelandic fólk , lýður
Italian popolazione , persona , gente , popolo
Japanese 人びと , 衆人 , 人々 , ピープル , 人達 , , 諸人
Lithuanian žmonės
Dutch ik begrijp het niet , volk , lui , personen , mensen
Nynorsk folk
Bokmål folk
Polish ludziska
Portuguese população , povo , gente , pessoas
Romanian oameni
Slovak ľudia
Slovene ljudje
Spanish gente , personas , pueblo
Swedish folk
Thai มวลชน , กลุ่มคน , ผู้คน , ปวงชน , มหาชน , ประชาชน
Malaysian orang , manusia , umat , khalayak ramai , kalangan
οποιοδήποτε σύνολο ατόμων (ανδρών, γυναικών ή παιδιών)
grup de persoane
(複数形)集合的に人間(男や女、または子供たち)のグループ ― 高齢の人々; 少なくとも200人の聴がいた
any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively ― old people; there were at least 200 people in the audience
gruppo, considerato nell'insieme, di individui; insieme di persone cotraddistinte da una caratteristica comune: gente di campagna, di città, di cultura, di chiesa ― incontro in presenza di molte persone
perdoret ne shumës per njeriun ― njerëz te plakur; ka te pakten 200 njerëz ne sallë
Hyponym: age_group ancients baffled blind blood brave business_people chosen_people class clientele coevals damned dead deaf defeated disabled doomed enemy episcopacy folk free homebound initiate living lobby mentally_retarded migration nation nationality network_army peanut_gallery peoples pocket poor_people populace population rank_and_file retreated rich_people sick smart_money timid tradespeople unconfessed unemployed_people uninitiate womankind wounded
Hypernym: group
Meronym–Member: person
Holonym–Member: world
Domain–Usage: plural
Semantic Field: groupn
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