06946497-n 'a branch of the Indo-European family of languages';
Catalan llengua germànica , germànic
English Germanic () , Germanic language
Finnish germaaninen kieli , germaaninen kieliryhmä , germaani
French germanique , germain
Japanese ゲルマン語派
Lithuanian germanų kalbų grupė
Dutch Germaans
Polish języki germańskie
Portuguese línguas germânicas , Línguas germânicas
Romanian germanic
Slovak germánčina , germánsky jazyk
Slovene germanski jezik
Thai ภาษาเยอรมันนิก
インド=ヨーロッパ語族の語派; 2つのおもなグループに落ち着く現在話されている部類:スカンジナビア言語と西ゲルマン語
grup de limbi indo-europene vorbite în centrul și în nordul Europei, extinse cu vremea și în alte regiuni.
a branch of the Indo-European family of languages; members that are spoken currently fall into two major groups: Scandinavian and West Germanic
Hyponym: east_germanic old_norse proto-norse scandinavian west_germanic
Hypernym: indo-european
Semantic Field: communicationn
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