06906116-n 'a common language used by speakers of different languages';
Catalan lingua franca
English lingua franca , interlanguage , koine
Basque lingua franca , interlingua
Farsi زبان بین المللی
Finnish lingua franca , yhteiskieli , koinee
French lingua franca , koinè , langue véhiculaire
Italian coinè , lingua franca , koinè
Japanese 共通語
Dutch Koinè , lingua franca , voertaal
Portuguese lingua franca , Lingua Franca
Slovene lingua franca
Thai ภาษากลาง
razširjen jezik, ki ga govorci različnih jezikov uporabljajo za medsebojno sporazumevanje
異なる言語の話し手が使う共通語 ― コイネーは、アレクサンダー大王の帝国の共通語であり、ローマ時代に地中海東岸の地域中で広く話された古代ギリシャ語の方言である
a common language used by speakers of different languages ― Koine is a dialect of ancient Greek that was the lingua franca of the empire of Alexander the Great and was widely spoken throughout the eastern Mediterranean area in Roman times
Hypernym: language
Semantic Field: communicationn
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