06295235-n 'the form of a word that is used to denote more than one';
Catalan forma plural , plural
Greek πληθυντικός αριθμός
English plural () , plural form
Basque plural
Finnish monikkomuoto , monikko
French pluriel , plural
Galician plural
Hebrew רִבּוּי
Croatian množina
Indonesian jamak , plural
Italian plurale
Japanese 複数 , 複数形
Dutch pluralis , meervoud
Portuguese plural
Romanian formădeplural , plural
Slovene množina
Spanish plural
Thai พหูพจน์ , รูปพหูพจน์
Malaysian majmuk , jamak
Categorie gramaticală care arată că este vorba de două sau de mai multe ființe sau lucruri de același fel
μορφολογική κατηγορία με ιδιαίτερες καταλήξεις στην κλίση ονομάτων και ρημάτων, που χρησιμοποιείται στον λόγο για αναφορά σε περισσότερα του ενός πρόσωπα, ζώα ή πράγματα
the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
Hypernym: form
In Domain–Usage: relation flying_colors wings ambages innings sweepstakes craps jinks ludi_saeculares heroics works services calisthenics hustings arts_and_crafts contretemps last_rites devotion stations round alms operations swaddling_clothes dirty_tricks last_respects props appointment augean_stables backstairs basic bath_salts bedspring bellbottom_trousers bellows bermuda_shorts bikini_pants binoculars bleachers bloomers boards boards bones brace brass_knucks breeches briefs britches buckskins cafeteria_facility chain_tongs chap civies cleaners cleats clews colors colors consumer_goods cords crown_jewels diggings drawers dress_blues drygoods durables eaves epsom_salts fancy_goods fatigues fire_tongs firework fixings flannel flats footlights forceps furnishing furnishing gallows gasworks goggles grocery head headquarters headquarters hot_pants houselights ice_tongs irons ironworks jean jodhpurs knockout_drops limbers links lion-jaw_forceps living_quarters locking_pliers long_johns military_quarters mouse-tooth_forceps napier's_bones needlenose_pliers packaged_goods pantie parallel_bars pliers plus_fours pruning_shears public_works pump-type_pliers punch_pliers rabbit_ears rariora regimentals rib_joint_pliers rings saltworks scissors secateurs seven_wonders_of_the_ancient_world shears short_pants silks slacks slip-joint_pliers small_stores snips snuffers soap_flakes spectacles sporting_goods stacks stairs stocking stocks stocks stocks street_clothes stretch_pants sundries sunglasses swaddling_clothes sweat_pants swimming_trunks tail thinning_shears tights togs tongs topside trews underpants undies waders water_wings waterworks weeds white_goods works yard_goods superficies odds nerves manners confines states'_rights rudiment bare_bones intention telecommunication channel telecommunication title writing curiosa overtone greeting regard condition suspension_point congratulation deliberation order ravage exercise brussels_sprouts oat paring people peoples ancients grass_roots flinders interest folks brethren poor_people rich_people sabaoth fedayeen ummah headquarters unemployed_people depth close_quarters archeological_remains badlands coffee_grounds down dregs lees remains scablands scraping steps authority connection spoil reparation residual incidental_expense travel_expense assets receivables deep_pocket reserve_assets liquid_assets right liabilities accounts_receivable boxcars conditions conditions drusen hiccup depth
Antonym: singular
Semantic Field: communicationn
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