06286395-n 'a unit of language that native speakers can identify';
Albanian fjale
Arabic كلِمة , لفْظة
Bulgarian слово , дума
Catalan paraula
Chinese (simplified) 单词 , , 字词
Danish ord
Greek λέξη
English word117 ()
Basque hitz
Finnish sana
French mot
Galician palabra
Croatian riječ
Indonesian perkataan , kata , istilah
Icelandic orð
Italian termine , suono , vocabolo , parola
Japanese , 言葉 , , ワード , 単語
Lithuanian žodis
Dutch woord
Nynorsk ord
Bokmål ord
Polish leksem , verbum , słowo
Portuguese word memory , termo , verbo , palavra , vocábulo
Chinese (traditional)
Romanian vorbă , termen , cuvânt
Slovak slovo
Slovene beseda , izraz
Spanish palabra
Swedish ord
Thai คำ
Malaysian perkataan , kata , istilah
γλωσσική μονάδα που μπορεί να αναγνωριστεί από φυσικούς ομιλητές μιας γλώσσας
Unitate de bază a vocabularului, care reprezintă asocierea unui sens (sau a unui complex sonor;
ネイティブスピーカーが同定できる言語の単位 ― 単語は文を作る単位だ; 彼は午前中いっぱいでやっと10を話した
a unit of language that native speakers can identify ― words are the blocks from which sentences are made; he hardly said ten words all morning
stringa di lettere che esprime un significato
bashkim shkronjash me kuptim
Hyponym: anagram anaphor antonym back-formation charade classifier cognate content_word contraction deictic derivative diminutive dirty_word disyllable form four-letter_word function_word guide_word head headword heteronym holonym homonym hypernym hyponym key_word loanblend loanword meronym metonym monosyllable neologism nonce_word oxytone palindrome paroxytone partitive polysemant polysyllable primitive proparoxytone quantifier quantifier reduplication retronym substantive syncategorem synonym term terminology trisyllable troponym vocable written_word
Hypernym: language_unit
Meronym–Part: affix syllable
Semantic Field: communicationn
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