06277803-n 'the visible part of a television transmission';
Catalan imatge , vídeo
English picture3 , video1
Basque iduri , irudi
Finnish kuva
French vidéo , image
Croatian slika
Indonesian gambar
Japanese 動画 , 映像 , 画像 ,
Lithuanian vaizdas
Polish wideo
Portuguese video , vídeos , vídeo
Romanian imagine
Slovak obraz
Slovene slika
Spanish vídeo , imagen
Thai ภาพ
Malaysian gambar
テレビ放送の見える部分 ― 彼らはまだ音を受容できるが画像は無くなってしまった
Partea vizibilă a unei transmisiuni de televiziune
the visible part of a television transmission ― they could still receive the sound but the picture was gone
Hypernym: visual_communication
Holonym–Part: television
Semantic Field: communicationn
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