05854150-n 'a concept or idea not associated with any specific instance';
Albanian abstrakt , abstraksion
Arabic تَجْريد
Catalan abstracció
Chinese (simplified) 抽象观念 , 抽象概念
Greek αφηρημένη σκέψη
English abstraction5 () , abstract2 ( )
Basque abstrakzio
Finnish ajatusluomus , abstraktio
French abstraction
Croatian apstrakcija , apstraktna ideja
Indonesian pengasingan , abstrak
Italian astrazione , astratto
Japanese 観念
Dutch abstractie , abstract
Polish abstrakcja
Portuguese abstracção , Abstracto , Abstrato
Romanian abstract , abstracțiune
Slovak abstrahovanie , abstrakcia , vízia
Slovene abstraktnost , abstrakcija
Spanish abstracción
Thai นามธรรม
Malaysian peniskalaan , pengasingan , abstrak
concept sau idee care este considerat independent, detașat de obiecte, de fenomene sau de relațiile în care există în realitate.;
ある特定の例に関係のない考えまたは概念 ― 彼は人としてではなく抽象の中だけで彼女を愛した
Ide abstrakte, nocion abstrakt, përgjithësim teorik ― vepron me abstraksione
μία ιδέα που δεν σχετίζεται με κάτι συγκεκριμένο
a concept or idea not associated with any specific instance ― he loved her only in the abstract--not in person
Hyponym: absolute right teacher thing
Hypernym: concept
Semantic Field: cognitionn
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