05509452-n 'the system that includes all organs involved in reproduction and in the formation and voidance of urine';
Catalan sistema urinari
Greek ουροποιητικό σύστημα
English urogenital system , urogenital apparatus , urinary system , urinary apparatus , genitourinary system , genitourinary apparatus , systema urogenitale , apparatus urogenitalis
Basque gernu-aparatu
Finnish virtsajärjestelmä , apparatus urogenitalis , genitaalijärjestelmä , urogenitaalinen järjestelmä
French système ou appareil urinaire , système urinaire , Système urinaire
Galician urinary apparatus , urogenital apparatus , aparello uroxenital , sistema urinario , genitourinary apparatus , sistema uroxenital , aparello xenitourinario , aparello urinario
Croatian mokraćni sustav , mokraćno-spolni sustav , mokraćno-spolni sistem , genitourinarni sistem , genitourinanrni sustav , urogenitalni sistem , mokraćni sistem , urogenitalni sustav
Polish układ moczowo-płciowy
Portuguese Aparelho urinário , Sistema urinário
Romanian sistemurogenital , aparatgenito-urinar
Slovak genitourinárny systém , urogenitálny systém , močový systém
Thai ระบบขับถ่ายปัสสาวะ
sistemul care include toate organele implicate în reproducere, în formarea și evacuarea urinei din organism
το σύνολο των οργάνων με τα οποία γίνεται ο σχηματισμός των ούρων και η αποβολή τους από τον οργανισμό
the system that includes all organs involved in reproduction and in the formation and voidance of urine
Hypernym: system
Meronym–Part: excretory_organ reproductive_system ureter urethra urinary_bladder urinary_tract
Semantic Field: bodyn
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