05278714-n 'one of the three sections of the hipbone';
Catalan pubis
English pubis () , pubic bone , os pubis
Basque pubic bone , pubis
Finnish os pubis , häpyluu
French pubis
Galician os pubis , pube , óso púbico
Italian pube , pettignone
Japanese 恥毛 , 恥骨
Dutch schaambeen
Polish kość łonowa
Portuguese Púbis , osso púbico , púbis
Romanian pubis
Slovak os pubis , ohanbová kosť
Slovene sramnica
Thai กระดูกหัวหน่าว
寛骨の3つの部分の1つ; これら2つの骨が一緒に骨盤の前面を形成する
Os pereche care formează partea anterioară a bazinului, la oameni
one of the three sections of the hipbone; together these two bones form the front of the pelvis
Hypernym: bone
Holonym–Part: pelvis
Semantic Field: bodyn
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