04869569-n 'moral soundness';
Bulgarian честност , почтеност
Catalan integritat
Chinese (simplified) 诚实 , 正直
Danish integritet
English integrity1
Basque zintzotasun , zuzentasun
Farsi درستی , بی عیبی , راستی , امانت , تمامیت
Finnish eheys
French intégrité
Croatian integritet
Indonesian kejujuran
Icelandic heilindi , heiðarleiki , ráðvendni
Italian integrità , illibatezza , pulizia
Japanese 廉直 , 廉潔 , 廉潔さ , 清廉 , 直行 , 清廉さ
Nynorsk integritet
Bokmål integritet
Portuguese integridade
Romanian integritate
Slovene neokrnjenost , integriteta
Spanish integridad , integridad personal
Swedish integritet
Malaysian integriti , kejujuran , ketulusan hati
l'essere pulito (moralmente), integro
道徳的な健全さ ― 彼は、一般的な正直さと実業家の健全性を我々にみつけるつもりである; 彼らは、彼の綿密な専門的な完全性を賞賛した
soliditate morală
moral soundness ― he expects to find in us the common honesty and integrity of men of business; they admired his scrupulous professional integrity
Hyponym: probity
Hypernym: honesty
Holonym–Part: character
Semantic Field: attributen
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