04763293-n 'the quality of being individual';
Catalan individualitat , individualisme , personalitat
Greek ατομικότητα
English individualism9 ( ) , individuality1 ( ) , individuation ( )
Basque banakotasun
Farsi وجود فردی , تکی , فردیت
Finnish individualismi , yksilökohtaisuus , yksilöllisyys
French individuation , Archétype du Soi , individualité
Croatian posebnost , individualizam , jedinost , individualnost
Italian individualità
Japanese 性格 , 個人性 , 持ち味 , 人格 , 個性
Lithuanian individualumas
Polish indywidualizm
Portuguese individualidade , personalidade , individualismo
Romanian individualitate
Slovak individualizmus , individualita , individuálnosť
Slovene individualnost
Spanish individualidad , personalidad
Malaysian individualiti
個人である性質 ― その運動に身を入れすぎて、彼女は一個人である自覚を全て失ってしまった
Totalitatea particularităților specifice unui individ sau unei persoane, care deosebesc un individ de altul sau o persoană de alta
η ιδιαιτερότητα ή η αυτοτέλεια κάθε ανθρώπου ως προσώπου
the quality of being individual ― so absorbed by the movement that she lost all sense of individuality
Hyponym: peculiarity singularity
Hypernym: trait
Attributes: individual
Antonym: commonality
Semantic Field: attributen
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