04568069-n 'mechanical device attached to an elevated structure';
Catalan penell
English vane , weathervane , weather vane , wind vane
Basque haize-orratz
Finnish tuuliviiri
French girouette
Indonesian baling-baling
Italian anemoscopio , ventarola , girandola , banderuola , pennoncello , mostravento , banderola
Japanese 風見 , 吹き流し
Dutch windwijzer , staartmolen , haan , weerhaan , windhaan
Polish anemoskop , wiatrowskaz
Portuguese cata-vento , Catavento
Romanian giruetă , anemoscop
Thai เครื่องวัดทิศทางลม , ลูกศรลม , ศรลม , ลูกศรชี้ทางลม
Malaysian baling-baling
高層構造の付けられる技術的装置; 風向を示すために自在に回転する
instrument meteorologic pentru măsurarea direcției și intensității vântului
mechanical device attached to an elevated structure; rotates freely to show the direction of the wind
Hyponym: weathercock wind_tee
Hypernym: mechanical_device
Semantic Field: artifactn
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