03432129-n 'a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears';
Catalan canvi de marxes
Chinese (simplified) 换档机构 , 变速器 , 换挡装置
English gearshift , gearstick , shifter () , gear lever
Finnish vaihtotanko
French levier
Japanese ギアシフト
Dutch versnellingspook
Romanian schimbător , schimbătordeviteze
Spanish palanca de cambios , desplazador de engranajes
Thai คันเปลี่ยนเกียร์
ギアを作動させたり開放したりする機械装置 ― 英国では、『gearshift(ギアシフト)』を『gear lever』と呼ぶ
Dispozitiv mecanic folosit la schimbarea treptelor de viteză la un autovehicul
a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears ― in Britain they call a gearshift a gear lever
Hypernym: mechanical_device
Holonym–Part: motor_vehicle
Semantic Field: artifactn
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SUMO: ⊂ Device

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