03283973-n 'a skyscraper built in New York City in 1931';
Catalan Empire State Building
English Empire State Building
Finnish Empire State Building
Galician Empire State Building
Indonesian Gedung Empire State
Japanese エンパイアステートビル
Portuguese Empire State Building , Empire state building
Spanish Empire State Building
Malaysian Bangunan Empire State
1931年にニューヨーク市に建設された摩天楼; 高さ1250フィート
a skyscraper built in New York City in 1931; 1250 feet tall
Type: skyscraper
Holonym–Part: new_york
Semantic Field: artifactn
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SUMO: ∈ Building

TempoWN: (Past: 0.001; Present: 0.502; Future: 0.000)

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