03273551-n 'an electronic simulation of a pipe organ';
Catalan orgue electrònic
Chinese (simplified) 电子琴
English organ1 () , electric organ , electronic organ , Hammond organ
Basque organo elektroniko , organo elektriko
Finnish urut , sähköurut , Hammond-urut
French organe , électrocyte , orgue Hammond , Électrocyte , électrocytes , cellules électriques , orgue
Indonesian organ
Italian organo hammond , organo , organo elettrico
Japanese ハモンドオルガン , 電子オルガン , エレクトーン , エレクトン , 電気オルガン
Polish organy Hammonda
Portuguese órgão , órgãos (anatomia) , Órgão eletrônico , órgão eletrónico
Romanian orgăHammond , orgă , orgăelectronică
Slovak elektronický organ , elektrický organ
Slovene orgle
Thai ออร์แกนไฟฟ้า
Malaysian organ
strumento a tastiera in cui il suono viene prodotto immettendo aria in una serie di canne per mezzo di un mantice
(muz.) simulator electronic al unei orgi
an electronic simulation of a pipe organ
Hypernym: electronic_instrument
Domain–Category: music
Semantic Field: artifactn
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