02861886-n 'the external structure of a vehicle';
Arabic بدن
Catalan carrosseria
Chinese (simplified) 车身
English body
Basque karrozeria
Finnish kori
French corps
Croatian tijelo
Indonesian kumpulan , tubuh , isi , kor , badan
Italian scocca , châssis , carrozzeria
Japanese 車体
Lithuanian kėbulas
Polish blacharka
Portuguese carroçaria , carroceria
Romanian corp
Slovak karoséria
Slovene ogrodje
Thai โครงสร้างของรถ , บอดี้
Malaysian kumpulan , tubuh , isi , kor , badan
乗り物の外部構造 ― 車体はひどく錆びていた
Partea principală a unui obiect, a unei construcții, a unei mașini etc.
the external structure of a vehicle ― the body of the car was badly rusted
Hyponym: bodywork fuselage
Hypernym: structure
Semantic Field: artifactn
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SUMO: = Artifact

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