02460502-a 'consistent with fact or reality';
Arabic صحِيح , حقِيقِي
Bulgarian истински , верен
Catalan veritable
Chinese (simplified) 真实 , 真的 , 真实+的 ,
Danish virkelig , sand , rigtig
English true83 ( )
Finnish todenmukainen , tosi
French juste , vrai
Galician verdadeiro
Hebrew אֲמִתִּי
Croatian istinit
Indonesian asi , benar , betul , sahih
Icelandic sannur , sannleikur
Italian genuino , autentico , vero , schietto
Japanese 真実 , 真成 , 真の , 真誠 , 真正 , 本当
Bokmål sann , riktig , virkelig
Polish prawdziwy
Portuguese verdadeiro
Chinese (traditional)
Romanian adevărat
Slovene pravi
Spanish verdadero
Swedish sann
Malaysian asi , benar , betul , sahih
Che non è stato contraffatto; che non è stato contraffato, genuino
事実か現実と一致している; 間違っていない ― 物語は真実である; それを真実であると裏付けられない提案を信じるのは望ましくない−B.ラッセル; 声明の本当の意味
Conform cu adevărul.
consistent with fact or reality; not false ― the story is true; it is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatever for supposing it true- B. Russell; the true meaning of the statement
See also: correct faithful genuine honest sincere
Attributes: truth
Similar to: actual apodictic sure truthful
Antonym: false
Semantic Field: alla
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SUMO: = True

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