02378872-a 'occurring in the same period of time';
Catalan coetani , contemporani
Chinese (simplified) 现代+的 , 同时代+的 , 现代 , 同时期 , 同时代 , 同时期+的
English contemporary1 , contemporaneous ( )
Farsi همزمان
Finnish samanaikainen
French contemporain
Croatian suvremen
Indonesian semasa
Polish współczesny
Portuguese moderna , contemporânea , contemporâneo
Slovene sočasen , sodoben , hkraten , istočasen , sodobno
Spanish contemporáneo
Malaysian kontemporari , sezaman , semasa
同じ期間に起こるさま ― ;
occurring in the same period of time ― a rise in interest rates is often contemporaneous with an increase in inflation; the composer Salieri was contemporary with Mozart
Similar to: synchronous
Semantic Field: alla
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