02258600-a 'not inclined to society or companionship';
Catalan esquiu , esquerp , insocial , retret
Chinese (simplified) 不爱交际+的 , 不爱交际
English unsociable ( )
Finnish epäsosiaalinen
French insociable
Galician insociábel , antisocial , insociable
Italian selvatico , poco socievole , asociale , insocievole
Japanese 非社交的 , 無愛想
Dutch mensenschuw
Slovene odljuden , nedružaben , nepriljuden
Spanish insociable , arisco
社会または交わりに興味を示さない ― 非社交的な気質…内気で控えめな; 親密な友人と以外は一般に無愛想である; 非社交的な行動; 非社交的な近隣
not inclined to society or companionship ― an unsociable nature...shy and reserved; generally unsociable except with intimate friends; unsociable behavior; an unsociable neighborhood
See also: unfriendly unsocial
Attributes: sociability
Similar to: antisocial ungregarious
Antonym: sociable
Semantic Field: alla
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