01821266-a 'capable of happening or existing';
Arabic مُمْكِن , جائِز , مُحْتمل
Catalan possible
Greek πιθανός
English possible136 ( )
Farsi امکان پذیر , میسر
Finnish mahdollinen
French possible , éventuel
Galician posible
Croatian moguć
Indonesian mungkin , boleh jadi , harus , sampai akal
Italian eseguibile , producibile , possibile , effettuabile , realizzabile , attuabile , operabile , fattibile
Japanese 可能 , ありうる
Portuguese possível
Chinese (traditional) 可能
Romanian posibil
Slovene mogoč , možen
Spanish posible
Thai เป็นไปได้
Malaysian mungkin , boleh jadi , harus , sampai akal
起きるまたは存在できる ― 現状打破は来年可能かもしれない; 何でも可能である; 可能性のある結果について警告される
Care se poate întâmpla sau realiza, care poate fi făcut sau imaginat
που μπορεί, που είναι δυνατό να συμβεί, να υπάρξει
capable of happening or existing ― a breakthrough may be possible next year; anything is possible; warned of possible consequences
See also: likely practical realistic thinkable
Attributes: possibility
Similar to: accomplishable affirmable attainable contingent feasible mathematical
Antonym: impossible
Semantic Field: alla
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