01433493-a 'primarily spatial sense';
Bulgarian дълъг
Catalan extens , llarg
Chinese (simplified) 长+的 ,
Danish lang
English long105 ( )
Finnish pitkä
French long
Croatian dug
Indonesian panjang
Icelandic langur , hár
Italian lungo
Japanese 長い , 丈長
Bokmål lang
Polish długi
Portuguese longo
Chinese (traditional)
Romanian lung
Slovene dolg
Spanish largo , extenso
Swedish lång
Thai ยาว
Malaysian panjang
Che si estende notevolmente nello spazio, per lo più in senso orizzontale
主として空間的な感覚; 平均的な空間の広がりまたは指定されたような延長よりも比較的大きいまたは大きい物の ― 長い道; 長距離; 長い単語を多く含んでいた; 長さ10マイル
Care are o lungime mare, ale cărui capete sunt depărtate unul de altul.
primarily spatial sense; of relatively great or greater than average spatial extension or extension as specified ― a long road; a long distance; contained many long words; ten miles long
Attributes: length
Similar to: elongate elongated extendible far lank long-handled long-range long-snouted long-staple long-wool oblong polysyllabic stretch
Antonym: short
Semantic Field: alla
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