01250121-a 'characterized by oppressive heat and humidity';
English sultry1 () , stifling , sulfurous , sulphurous
Finnish painostava , tukahduttava , helteinen , hiostava
Galician sufocante , abafante
Hebrew !מַחֲנִיק
Indonesian melengas
Japanese 息苦しい
Polish duszny
Chinese (traditional)
Slovene soparen
Spanish duro
Malaysian melengas
過酷な熱と湿気を特徴とする ― 夏は蒸し暑く不快であった; 息苦しい空気; 雷雨に先行する痛烈に不快な空気
characterized by oppressive heat and humidity ― the summer was sultry and oppressive; the stifling atmosphere; the sulfurous atmosphere preceding a thunderstorm
Similar to: hot
Semantic Field: alla
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