01117609-v 'acknowledge defeat'; V1; 
Bulgarian предавам се , предам се
Catalan atorgar , concedir
Chinese (simplified) 承认失败
English concede ( )
Basque luzatu , eman
Finnish myöntää vastustajan vaalivoitto
Croatian odstupiti , ustupiti
Indonesian menyerahkan , mengakui , mengalah
Icelandic viðurkenna , viðurkenna ósigur
Portuguese desistir
Chinese (traditional)
Spanish ceder
Swedish medge
Thai ยอมรับความพ่ายแพ้
Malaysian pengiktirafan , menyerahkan , mengakui , mengalah
敗戦を認める ―
acknowledge defeat ― The candidate conceded after enough votes had come in to show that he would lose
Hypernym: surrender
Semantic Field: competitionv
Verb Frames
Somebody ----s;  
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SUMO: ⊂ Contest

TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.266; Future: 0.001)

SentiWN: (+0.00 -0.12) MLSentiCon: (+0.12 -0.25)


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