00911327-a 'not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture';
English uneven4 ( )
Farsi ناهموار
Finnish epätasainen
Galician desigual , irregular , non uniforme
Croatian neujednačen
Indonesian ganjil
Italian accidentato , irregolare , inuguale , dissestato , ineguale , diseguale , disuguale
Japanese イレギュラー , 不揃い , ちぐはぐ
Portuguese desuniforme , desnivelado , despadronizado
Romanian neuniform
Spanish irregular
Malaysian ganjil
形態または素地において一様でない ― むらのある色; でこぼこの地面; 均等でない余白; 不ぞろいな木目の木
care prezintă caracteristici diferite ale formei sau suprafeței
not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture ― an uneven color; uneven ground; uneven margins; wood with an uneven grain
See also: rough unsteady
Attributes: evenness
Similar to: crinkled curly-grained irregular jagged lumpy out_of_true patchy pebble-grained ragged unparallel
Antonym: even
Semantic Field: alla
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