00750054-a 'not burdensome or demanding';
English soft , easygoing , cushy
Farsi بی دردسر
Finnish mukava , helppo , vaivaton
French molle , mou
Indonesian senang , ringan
Japanese 気楽
Polish cieplutki , ciepły
Romanian facil , comod , lesnicios
Slovene lagoden , prijeten , lahek , udoben
Spanish suave
Malaysian senang , ringan
負担でない、あるいは要求していない; 困難なしで簡単にもたらされる、あるいは行われること ― なんと楽な仕事だろう!; 非常勤の顧問の気楽な生活; 楽な仕事
De care te poți folosi ușor și cu plăcere
not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship ― what a cushy job!; the easygoing life of a parttime consultant; a soft job
Similar to: easy
Domain–Usage: colloquialism
Semantic Field: alla
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