00704305-n 'a set of techniques for exploring underlying motives and a method of treating various mental disorders';
Bulgarian психоанализа
Catalan psicoanàlisi
Chinese (simplified) 精神分析学
Danish analyse , psykoanalyse
English analysis () , psychoanalysis ( ) , depth psychology
Basque psikoanalisi
Farsi تحلیل روانی , روانکاوی
Finnish syvyyspsykologia , psykoanalyysi
French psychanalyse , analyse
Galician psicanálise
Croatian psihoanaliza
Indonesian analisis , psikoanalisis
Icelandic analýsa , greining
Italian psicanalisi , analisi
Japanese 深層心理学 , サイコアナリシス , アナリシス , 精神分析
Dutch analyse , psychoanalyse
Nynorsk analyse , psykoanalyse
Bokmål analyse , psykoanalyse
Polish psychoanaliza
Portuguese psicanálise
Romanian psihologieabisală , psihanaliză , psihoanaliză
Slovene psihoanaliza
Spanish psicoanálisis
Swedish psykoanalys
Thai จิตวิเคราะห์
Malaysian analisis , psikoanalisis , cerakinan
根本動機を研究するための一組の技術と様々な精神障害を治療する方法; ジークムント・フロイトの理論に基づく ― 彼の医者は精神分析を勧めた
Metodă de analiză psihologică și de tratament al bolilor neuropsihice, care își propune, prin diverse probe (asociații de cuvinte, relatări de vise, interpretări de figuri confuze etc.), să descopere cauzele nevrozelor și psihozelor și să vindece aceste boli.
a set of techniques for exploring underlying motives and a method of treating various mental disorders; based on the theories of Sigmund Freud ― his physician recommended psychoanalysis
Hyponym: hypnoanalysis
Hypernym: psychotherapy
In Domain–Category: anal oral cathectic abreact catharsis anal_personality genital_personality oral_personality ego superego id introjection pleasure_principle reality_principle introject ego_ideal imago condensation transference latent_content complex libido penis_envy death_instinct libidinal_energy cathexis acathexis psychosexual_development anaclisis castration_anxiety anal_stage genital_stage latency_stage oral_stage phallic_stage
Semantic Field: actn
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