00453726-a 'wearing or provided with clothing';
Catalan cobert , vestit
English clad4 , clothed1 ()
Farsi مزین
Finnish pukeutunut , puettu
French recouvrir
Galician vestido
Indonesian berpakaian
Japanese 着た , 装った , まとった , 服を着た
Polish ubrany
Romanian înțolit , îmbrăcat , înveșmântat
Spanish cubierto
Thai ซึ่งสวมเสื้อผ้า
Malaysian berpakaian
着用している、あるいは衣服と共に提供される ― 衣服を身に着け、そして正気である−聖書; 彼女のよく装っている家族を誇りに思う; 白衣に包まれた看護師; 白衣を身にまとった看護婦
(Despre oameni) Cu trupul acoperit de haine
wearing or provided with clothing ― clothed and in his right mind- Bible; proud of her well-clothed family; nurses clad in white; white-clad nurses
See also: adorned
Similar to: appareled arrayed breeched bundled-up caparisoned cassocked coated costumed cowled dighted dressed gowned habited heavy-coated overdressed petticoated red-coated suited surpliced togged turned_out tuxedoed underdressed uniformed vestmented
Antonym: unclothed
Semantic Field: alla
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