00394562-a 'having color or a certain color';
Catalan cromàtic
Chinese (simplified) 着色+的 , 彩色+的 , 着色 , 有颜色+的 , 彩色 , 有色 , 有颜色 , 色彩 , 有色+的 , 色彩+的
Greek έγχρωμος , χρωματιστός
English colored13 () , coloured , colorful
Farsi رنگارنگ
Finnish värikäs , värillinen
French coloré , clair
Galician colorado
Croatian obojen , u boji
Indonesian berwarna , semarak
Italian colorato , bronzeo
Japanese 色の付いた
Lithuanian spalvotas
Polish zabarwiony
Portuguese colorido
Chinese (traditional)
Romanian colorat
Slovak farebný
Thai ที่มีสี
Malaysian berwarna , semarak
che ha il colore del bronzo
色または特定の色を持つさま ― 着色されたクレープ紙; そのフィルムはカラフルだった; 琥珀色の頭をした穀物
Care are o anumită culoare (alta decât cea albă sau neagră)
αυτός που έχει χρώμα ή χρώματα
having color or a certain color ― colored crepe paper; the film was in color; amber-colored heads of grain
Attributes: color
Similar to: bay bicolor black blue-flowered brightly-colored buff-colored chestnut-colored chocolate-colored cinnamon-red cinnamon_colored cream-colored crimson dark-colored dun-colored fawn-colored flame-colored flesh-colored garnet-colored ginger gold-colored honey-colored indigo lead-colored liver-colored metal-colored monochromatic motley neutral-colored olive-colored orange-colored orange-flowered pale-colored pastel-colored peach-colored polychromatic purple-flowered red-flowered roan rose-colored rust-colored silver-colored straw-colored tawny-colored trichromatic violet-colored violet-purple
Antonym: uncolored
Semantic Field: alla
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