00386392-a 'having no hue';
Catalan acromàtic
Chinese (simplified) 非彩色+的 , 无色+的 , 非彩色 , 无色彩+的 , 无色彩 , 无色
English neutral , achromatic ( )
Farsi بی رنگ
Finnish akromaattinen , neutraali
French achromatique
Galician neutro , acromático
Croatian neutralan
Portuguese acromático
Romanian acromat , neutru , acromatic , neutral
Slovene nevtralen , brezbarven
Thai ที่ไม่มีสี
色調を持っていないさま ―
Care nu are nici o culoare sau nuanță
having no hue ― neutral colors like black or white
See also: colorless
Attributes: hue
Similar to: argent ash-grey black-grey blackish blue-black blue-grey blue-white brown-black brown-grey canescent chalky charcoal coal-black cottony-white dull-white ebon green-white greenish-grey grey-black grey-white grey hueless ink-black iron-grey lily-white milk-white olive-grey oxford-grey pearl_grey pearly pinkish-white purple-black purple-white red-grey sable silver-grey silver-white slate-black slate-grey snow-white soot-black violet-black white-flowered whitish yellow-grey yellow-white
Antonym: chromatic
Semantic Field: alla
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