00168564-r 'with great speed or effort or intensity';
English like the devil4 , like hell2 , like thunder2 , like mad1 , like sin1 , like crazy
Finnish kuin hullu , vimmatusti , hullun lailla , myrskyn lailla
Japanese 猛烈に , 遮二無二 , ばりばり , 死にもの狂いで
Lithuanian smarkiai , pašėlusiai
Romanian caunnebun
Slovak šialene , divoko , búrlivo , zúrivo , prudko
Thai อย่างบึ้งตึง , อย่างบ้าคลั่ง
大きな速度、努力、または、強度を伴って ― 狂気のように運転した; 仕事を終わらせるために、死に物狂いで働いた; 暴風待避濠へ罪のように走った; 雷のような仕事; 鬼の様に戦った
Cu viteză sau intensitate mare
with great speed or effort or intensity ― drove like crazy; worked like hell to get the job done; ran like sin for the storm cellar; work like thunder; fought like the devil
Domain–Usage: colloquialism
Semantic Field: allr
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