13873917-n 'something approximating the shape of a circle';
Chinese (simplified) 圆周
English circle4 ()
Basque zirkulu
Finnish piiri
French cercle , boucle , rond , sphère
Croatian krug
Indonesian lingkaran , lilitan
Italian corona , cerchio , cerchia , chiostra
Japanese , 円形
Lithuanian ratas , apskritimas
Polish kółko , koło
Chinese (traditional) 圈子 ,
Romanian cerc
Slovak tvar kruhu , kruh
Slovene krog
Thai รูปวงกลม
Malaysian lingkaran , lilitan
oggetto che per forma o funzione ricorda un cerchio
円の形に近いもの ― 椅子は円形に配置した
something approximating the shape of a circle ― the chairs were arranged in a circle
Hypernym: shape
Semantic Field: shapen
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