08660339-n 'the extended two-dimensional outer boundary of a three-dimensional object';
Albanian sipërfaqe
Arabic سطْح
Bulgarian повърхност
Catalan superfície
Chinese (simplified) 表面
Danish overflade
Greek επιφάνεια
English surface36 ()
Basque azalera
Finnish pinta
French surface
Croatian površina
Indonesian muka , permukaan
Icelandic yfirborð , ytra borð , flötur
Italian piano , superficie , esterno
Japanese 外側 , 外面 , 上っ側 , 外方 , , 上っ面 , 上面 , うわべ , 表層 , 表面
Lithuanian paviršius
Dutch oppervlak
Nynorsk overflate
Bokmål overflate
Polish płaszczyzna
Portuguese superfície
Romanian suprafață
Slovak plocha , povrch
Slovene površina , ploskev , površje
Spanish superficie
Swedish yta
Thai พื้นผิว
Malaysian muka , permukaan
Întindere delimitată considerată sub raportul lungimii și lățimii
3次元の物の拡張された2次元の外側の境界 ― 彼らは水をかすめて飛んでいった; すべての歯の表面を磨けるほど小さいブラシ; 太陽にははっきりとしたがない
hapësira dy dimensionale midis dy skajeve te një objekti tre dimensional ― ata qëndruan ne sipërfaqe e ujit; sipërfaqe e lëmuar
τα δισδιάστατα όρια ενός τρισδιάστατου αντικειμένου
the extended two-dimensional outer boundary of a three-dimensional object ― they skimmed over the surface of the water; a brush small enough to clean every dental surface; the sun has no distinct surface
Hyponym: celestial_sphere end hard_palate inside interface outside palate photosphere side substrate wave_front
Hypernym: boundary
Semantic Field: locationn
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