06272803-n 'a telephone connection';
Bulgarian обаждане
Catalan trucada , telefonada , trucada telefònica
Chinese (simplified) 电话 , 电话联络 , 电话联系
English call9 () , telephone call2 , phone call1
Basque dei
Finnish puhelinsoitto , puhelu
French appeler , appel téléphonique , appel
Hebrew טֶלֶפוֹן , שִׂיחָה , שִׂיחַת-טֶלֶפוֹן
Croatian telefonski poziv , poziv
Indonesian panggilan
Icelandic símtal
Italian chiamata , telefonata
Japanese 呼び出し , 呼出 , 通話 , コール , 架電 , 呼出し
Lithuanian skambutis , telefono skambutis
Dutch telefoontje , belletje
Portuguese telefonema , ligação telefônica , ligação
Romanian apeltelefonic , apel , telefon
Slovak telefonický hovor , hovor
Slovene klic
Spanish llamada , llamada de teléfono , llamada telefónica
Swedish telefonsamtal
Thai การโทรศัพท์ , การโทร
Malaysian panggilan
comunicazione telefonica
電話接続 ― 彼女はいくつかの匿名の電話を報告した; 彼はロンドンに電話した; 彼は電話が鳴っているのを聞いたが、電話を取りたくなかった
Chemare telefonică
a telephone connection ― she reported several anonymous calls; he placed a phone call to London; he heard the phone ringing but didn't want to take the call
Hyponym: call-back call-in collect_call conference_call crank_call local_call long_distance wake-up_call
Hypernym: telephone
Semantic Field: communicationn
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