02158826-a 'unable to see';
Bulgarian незрящ , сляп
Chinese (simplified) 失明 , 看不见 , , 看不见+的
Danish blind
English blind11 ( ) , unsighted
Finnish kritiikitön , sokea , varaukseton
French aveugle
Galician cego , invidente
Croatian slabovidan , slijep
Indonesian buta , tunanetra
Icelandic sjónlaus , blindur , ósýnn , ósjáandi
Italian ceco , orbo , cieco , non vedente
Bokmål blind
Polish niewidomy , ślepy , niewidzący
Portuguese invisual , cego
Chinese (traditional)
Romanian nevăzător , orb
Slovene slep
Spanish ciego
Swedish blind
Thai ซึ่งมองไม่เห็น
Malaysian buta , tunanetra
che non vede, che è privo della vista; cieco
見ることができない ― .J
Lipsit de simțul văzului, care nu vede ( deloc).
unable to see ― a person is blind to the extent that he must devise alternative techniques to do efficiently those things he would do with sight if he had normal vision--Kenneth Jernigan
Similar to: blinded blindfold color-blind dazzled deuteranopic dim-sighted eyeless protanopic snow-blind stone-blind tritanopic
Antonym: sighted
Semantic Field: alla
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