01247240-a 'used of physical heat';
Arabic ساخِن
Bulgarian топъл , горещ
Catalan calorós
Chinese (simplified) 灼热 , 热+的 , 气温高+的 , , 炎热+的 , 灼热+的 , 炎热 , 烫+的 , 温度高 , 高温 , 高温+的 , , 气温高 , 温度高+的
Danish hed
Greek καυτός
English hot50 ( )
Finnish kuuma
French chaud
Hebrew חַם
Croatian vruć , vreo , topao
Indonesian pesam , panas-panas , hangat , panas
Icelandic varmur , heitur , hlýr
Italian caldo
Japanese 熱い , 暑い
Lithuanian karštas
Bokmål het
Polish gorący
Portuguese forgoso , quente
Chinese (traditional) ,
Romanian fierbinte
Slovak horúci
Slovene vroč
Swedish het
Thai ร้อน
Malaysian pesam , hangat , panas-panas , berhaba , panas
物理的な熱について使用される; 高い温度、または望ましい温度より高い温度、熱を発する、熱感やしゃく熱感を感じる、または引き起こすこと ― 熱風炉; 湯; 熱い8月の日; 暑く風通しの悪い部屋; 彼女は熱があって、疲れている
Care are o temperatură ridicată, care răspândește o căldură puternică
αυτός που έχει πολύ υψηλή θερμοκρασία
used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning ― hot stove; hot water; a hot August day; a hot stuffy room; she's hot and tired
See also: warm
Attributes: temperature
Similar to: baking blistering calefacient calefactory calorifacient calorific fervent fiery heatable heated hottish overheated red-hot scorching sizzling sultry sweltering thermal torrid tropical white
Antonym: cold
Semantic Field: alla
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